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Key sites and Areas

Stratford Regional Station improvements are a wide range of measures intended to increase the capacity of Stratford Station by 2010 and spread this capacity more evenly across the station. The most significant increase in demand between 2004 and 2016 is estimated to relate to an increase in passengers making movements within the station itself.

The works include those being promoted by Stratford City Developments Ltd (SCDL), including the critical town centre link bridge between Stratford City Zone 1 and Meridian Square. This element of works also comprises a northern ticket hall and works to increase platform capacity and accessibility. Second, are the works to convert the North London Line between Stratford and North Woolwich to become part of the Docklands Light Railway (DLR). The third element is the Olympic Capacity Enhancement Works, promoted by Transport for London (TfL) on behalf of the ODA, to enhance the station capacity to provide congestion relief given the increased passenger demands forecast for the 2012.

Stratford International Station has now been completed, but due to the need to link it to Stratford Regional Station and the fact that it is surrounded by the Stratford City construction site, its actual opening date has not yet been set. Currently, it is estimated that it will not open to passengers until 2010, when the DLR link between the regional and international stations, opens. This DLR extension will also see a string of new stations open up through Stratford and wider area.