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Current studies

Area Action Plan (AAP) for Stratford and Canning Town

The AAP will be a Development Plan Document (DPD) adopted as planning policy and with site specific proposals within Newham's Local Development Framework (LDF). It is a key document in the renaissance of Stratford and its surrounding area.

The AAP stretches from the Stratford area in the north of the Lower Lea Valley, through West Ham, Three Mills, Cody Road and Bidder Street areas and through to Canning Town and Custom House. The area has three main hubs with excellent transport links, Stratford, West Ham and Canning Town.

Adopted May 2010


Stratford Urban Design Strategy - High Street North East

LTGDC The core area for this study is Stratford High Street between the Greenway and the rail cutting and includes Carpenters Estate, although it extends to include the High Street corridor to Bow Flyover. This is to ensure that a single vision for the public realm and street frontage along Stratford High Street is developed.

The primary purpose of this commission is to provide a robust and deliverable urban design strategy, which the public sector can use to establish a clear framework to ensure the benefits of future developments in the area are maximised.

There are three elements to the study:

  • A spatial strategy to define massing and configuration of developments
  • A strategy to recommend locations for non-residential land uses and activities
  • A public realm and local movement strategy

October 2007.


Stratford Urban Design Strategy and Conservation Area Appraisals

Newham Council has recently commissioned an urban design strategy for the area around the existing town centre, extending to the conservation area to the north east.

This study aims to provide a framework for future investment, focusing on a high quality townscape; identification of development parameters; co-ordination of decisions; definition of Stratford's character to give a clear sense of place; provision of a basis for statutory decision making; provision of a basis for proactive work for improvements to the public realm; formation of a policy basis; and the identification of townscape improvements.

Download full information (PDF 5MB) 

June 2007


Carpenters Estate Masterplan

The Carpenters Estate is located to the south of Stratford Town Centre. It is a housing estate containing three high rise blocks (432 dwellings) and about 150 other lower rise dwellings. Most of the housing is social housing although there have been some sales of mainly low rise dwellings. The Carpenters Estate is located in one of the most deprived areas in the country as ranked by the Index of Deprivation (lowest 3%).

The London Borough of Newham is currently in the process of developing a masterplan for the estate, which will seek to regenerate the area and improve links to the surrounding area.

March 2008


Gyratory System Reconfiguration

LBN recently commission a study looking at possible options to reconfigure the gyratory road system in Stratford Town Centre. The system provides significant barriers to convenient and safe pedestrian movement, with development and facilities located either side, especially along Great Eastern Road, blighted by physical severance. Anticipated development across Stratford has served to increase concerns about heavy traffic flow through the system.

From a range of options, two have emerged. The so called 'reduced one way option' and the 'two way option'. The outcome of this report is currently being considered.

Spring 2012


Interreg Projects

  • Carpenters Road Integration Study
  • Meridian Square

INTERREG III is an EC Community Initiative to promote trans-national co-operation on spatial planning by encouraging harmonious and balanced development of the European territory. The overall aim is to ensure that national borders are not a barrier to balanced development and the integration of Europe and to strengthen co-operation of areas to their mutual advantage.

The Carpenters Integration Study focuses on the key aim of full integration between new development in Stratford and the existing town centre. The study is aimed at developing and designing up integration measures. The Carpenters Integration Study looks at the need to improve the links between Carpenters Estate and Meridian Square.

The Meridian Square Integration Study is based on similar aspirations, but is considering the Town Centre Link between Meridian Square and the existing Stratford Shopping Centre. In doing so, providing a crucial link with the Stratford City development.

To be implemented by April 2008


Island Site Masterplan

The so called Island Site is the land bounded by the Newham Gyratory System and within which the existing Stratford Shopping Centre sits. A significant amount of the land, including the Shopping Centre, is owned by the London Borough of Newham, who in term has let a long term lease to Land Securities. These two organisations are currently developing proposals to redevelopment this land, which will include the shopping centre and residential development.


Birkbeck Stratford Campus

Birkbeck College is part of the University of London and is seeking to develop a new campus, Birkbeck East, in the heart of Stratford. An initial scoping study has been undertaken for available sites on land close to the existing Stratford Shopping Centre. Work is still at an early stage.


University of East London Campus Expansion

The UEL Stratford Campus redevelopment is the realisation of a 2004 masterplan comissioned by the University Since then the site has been subject to significant change. It is the Unversity's objective to rationalize its accommodation on its campus, construct a significant number of student housing, to make a place for at least three new academic buildings, make a campus which is secure for students and staff and to upgrade its existing facilities. There have been several phases of development, including the latest which will open the London Centre for Podiatruic Medicine (foot hospital). Further plans include a new Schoool of Education (teracher training) building.


The London 2012 Olympics and The Legacy Masterplan Framework

The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games are to be the catalyst for the long-term regeneration of the Olympic Park site and its surrounding area. The development platforms will be taken forward by the LDA, post games to deliver much need residential, leisure and business space. It will also fast track infrastructure improvements and provide Stratford with an unprecedented branding and place making opportunity. The key challenge is ensuring that Stratford and other surrounding areas are fully integrated and able to benefit from the development.

2021 Stratford City


Stratford City Developments Limited

Stratford City and the Channel Tunnel Rail Link are fundamental drivers in the regeneration of Stratford. The retail, leisure, commercial and residential capacity of Stratford will be vastly increased, changing the face of Stratford as we know it. However, this brings with it challenges of integration and maximising opportunities for those already in the area.

Zone 1 open by 2010 The Water City Group


Leaside Regeneration

The Water City concept focuses on the geographical area centred around the River Lee between Hackney Marshes in the north to the River Thames in the south. The Water City Group promotes a vision of an east London revitalised for the opportunities and aspirations of the 21st century.

The Group aims to encourage the creation of a Water City in east London and so develop a sense of place, connecting people and business in a global destination. The Group seek to endorse development that make use of east London's water heritage; ensure a high quality built environment; help build an entrepreneurial culture; engage local people and communities in practical, entrepreneurial ways and; create a true legacy for east London, both physical and social.



The International Youth Arts Festival

A Local, National and International consortium lead by Theatre Royal Stratford East.

An annual festival in the borough for young and emerging artists from all over the world to share their creativity, their talent, their passions, their cultures, and their stories. It will be underpinned by an ethos of audience development, participation and artistic excellence. The project will look to work closely with London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) and the Cultural Olympiad. The festival will grow annually to 2020 with 2012 being of particular significance. It is envisaged, that as it grows, every public space in Stratford could be taken over by this 2-3 week celebration where local young people engaging with both their national and international piers in this unique coming together of youth cultures from around the world.

2008 onwards annually