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The changing face of Stratford – East London’s new capital?

The first SRP Annual Conference took place on Thursday 28th February, 9:30am -2:00pm at Stratford Old Town Hall. The event was well attended with over 150 people attending on the day and 17 exhibitors sharing their plans for Stratford. On this part of the site you'll find:

  • Background to the changing face of Stratford
  • The programme of speakers and their presentations available for download, and
  • Details of the four workshops.

Key issues for conference

  • Scale and nature of physical and demographic growth and change in Stratford and how change can be both capitalized upon and managed effectively
  • Global and local position of a “new” Stratford – the impact of investment in transport infrastructure, potential of international linkages and connectivity as a springboard for economic development and potential for a step change in socio-economic conditions
  • The role of Stratford in East London – should it position itself as East London’s capital and what factors would need to be addressed to achieve this?
  • Stratford’s role in the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, including Legacy planning and its delivery
  • Spreading the benefits and enabling inclusion – avoiding historic pitfalls in regeneration
  • Community and commercial influences on place making
  • Delivering a step change in environmental conditions through investment, improved management and the integration of new development with the public realm
  • What is the role of culture in place making Stratford? What value does it have and what emphasis should be placed on it?
  • How can we “future proof” and plan for a sustainable Stratford?

Conference presentations are available as PDF downloads on the following pages:

  • Conference programme, and
    Discussion group sessions