Stratford Renaissance Partnership

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About SRP

SRP was established in January 2007 by a group of organisations with a major stake in the regeneration of Stratford.  The company has a minimum ten year life span, leading up to 2017. 

By 2017, Stratford's transformation will be well underway.  Stratford City will have been open for 6 years, the Olympic Park Legacy will be taking shape and Crossrail will have arrived, making Stratford even more accessible than it is today.  In addition, new housing will be available at the Athletes Village and a range of other sites, teaching will be underway at the Stratford Island University Campus and the transformation of Stratford town centre will be nearing completion.  The combination of developments will see Stratford poised to become a new city within east London.  

Key objectives

To help us plan for Stratford's transformation, we have a number of strategic objectives: 

  • Tell the story of Stratford, proactively promoting its uniqueness, its role within London, its heritage and people and the opportunities provided by its major redevelopment
  • To work with partners to define, develop and promote Stratford's economic role and its potential as a driver for the economic growth of Newham and east London
  • Support the creation of an excellent town centre with a high quality public realm and management service and strong connections which attracts and retain customers, visitors and businesses
  • Support the growth of Stratford's cultural and educational offer and the role of partners in delivering a successful town centre and cultural and educational legacy
  • Be the first stop for information on Stratford, for news, facts and figures and stories of success