Stratford Renaissance Partnership

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About SRP

SRP was established in January 2007 and it is envisaged that it will operate for at least an initial period of ten years.

As a result of the investment expected as part of Stratford City and Olympic Park initiatives, Stratford is currently the focus of unprecedented developer interest, with new proposals coming forward across the area from both the public and private sector. SRP has been set up to help ensure the growth this brings is integrated with Stratford as it exists today and that these areas benefit positively in terms of investment and improved access to services.

Key objectives

To help ensure this happens, SRP has drawn up seven key objectives, through which it will seek to influence, steer and co-ordinate the regeneration of Stratford:

  • To secure a common strategic direction from all SRP partners to realise an agreed vision for Stratford town centre and Stratford High Street that reflects the aspirations of all stakeholders.
  • To ensure that there is real community engagement and consultation across the work of SRP and its strategic partners.
  • To guide Stratford’s transformation into a sustainable and socially inclusive urban area serving the needs of all communities and interests.
  •  To develop a high quality public realm throughout Stratford by ensuring an integrated approach across the Stratford town centre and High Street and a partnership approach to project development, review and monitoring.
  •  To promote an adopted, integrated masterplan for the Island site, including a strategy for land assembly.
  •  To promote inward investment in Stratford to ensure its long term appeal to business and to protect and enhance its viability as a centre.
  •  To coordinate the relevant local financial commitments of partners, proposed interventions and relevant funding streams to produce a business plan for Stratford’s renaissance that will provide confidence and clarity for public and private sector investors.

The Strategic Plan (48 pages, 8MB PDF) sets out what is currently happening in the Stratford area, both in terms of private and public sector investment and provides a clear rationale for where SRP can add value to this process.

A separate Business Plan document (44 pages, 5.3MB PDF) accompanies this document, which takes forward the above objectives, setting out proposed projects and interventions over the next three years.