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The 2012 legacy

The legacy plans for the Olympic Park will be vital to the renaissance of Stratford. A Legacy Masterplan Framework (LMF) will begin development in 2007 and will be a key driver for change and growth in the area. This process will be vital in setting out the Olympic ‘inheritance’ for Stratford, which SRP will seek to maximise as the LMF moves forward and begins to take shape.

The Legacy Transformation proposals set out in the current planning applications describe plans to transform the Olympic and Paralympic facilities into their legacy state. This will include the retention, adaptation and demolition of buildings, structures and landscape to create development platforms.

After the Games the Park will become home to world-class sporting factilities for elite and community use, including an Aquatics Centre, a Velopark, a Hockey facility and a new multi-sport venue. The Olympic Village will be converted into apartments, many of which will be made available as affordable homes. In all 9,000 new homes will be built within the Park. The park will be designed to enrich the local ecology, restoring wetland habitats and planted with native species. The canals and waterways of the River Lea will be cleaned and widened, and the natural floodplains of the area will be restored to provide a new habitat for wildlife. The communities surrounding the park will enjoy access to the open space via a network of canal towpaths, footpaths and cycleways.

The post 2012 Olympic Park will essentially develop into two character areas, north and south, which will play a large part in determining the distinctiveness of both the future urban form and open space. The design process is on-going and over the coming years there is much still to determine. SRP will position itself to positively influence this process.

Finally, the 'Cultural Olympiad', a festival celebrating the diversity and richness of culture in London, the UK and the world, is planned during the period 2008-2012. This will leave a lasting cultural legacy that Stratford is ideally placed to harness, evolve and make its own as it seeks to develop its identity over the coming years.